2023 Audi Q2 E-Tron Coming to United States?

The upcoming 2023 Audi Q2 E-Tron will see some important upgrades. From what we know so far, this model will receive a mid-cycle facelift. However, it will see a significant increase in terms of driving range. The small crossover is still not available in the United States and we don’t know if the 2023MY will reach the American shores.

After the Q2 model, Audi Q3 and Q5 variants will follow the same path, so the EV model is very likely. After troubles with the gas emissions, Audi decided that zero-emission vehicles are the only solution. The Q2 E-Tron will be a very impressive model and here’s everything you need to know.

2023 Audi Q2 E-Tron range

Audi Q2 E-Tron Facelift

The 2023 Audi Q2 E-Tron will gain the same updates as the regular Q2 model. We must say the crossover looks very modern and unique. Audi will build on that, but the redesign is still not on the cards. Therefore, the carmaker will deliver a mid-cycle facelift. The 2022MY arrived with improved bodywork and aerodynamics. The front fascia is relatively fresh, wearing a new lower grille. The same grille can be found on models such as Audi A1 and Audi A4.

The rear fascia comes with modern taillights and the side profile shows amazing 19-inch alloy wheels. LED headlights and LED taillights are available as standard, although adaptive Matrix LED headlights are standard only in the range-topping trim levels. Audi will probably deliver new exterior paints, and possibly new optional wheels.

2023 Audi Q2 E-Tron specs

Interior Changes

The interior of the 2023 Audi Q2 E-Tron is very premium. Unlike other stylish rivals, Audi perfectly combines elegance with sportiness. You can choose between numerous trim levels, so Q2 crossover has a lot to offer. There is also the Black Edition model that comes with an impressive 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit. The base trim level provides a standard 8.3-inch infotainment touchscreen.

Audi will also offer updated infotainment, a new voice control system, rotary controller, and much more. We expect to see additional driver-assistance aids and more standard features. While the entry-level models are premium enough, real luxury is available in the range-topping variants only. That includes a premium B&O sound system, leather seats, panoramic sunroof, and much more.

2023 Audi Q2 E-Tron interior

Improved Driving Range

The forthcoming 2023 Audi Q2 E-Tron will see significant improvement in terms of the all-electric driving range. When the E-Tron model made its debut, it had a range of around 200 miles. Audi improved that figure so the most recent model provides 250 miles. Now, the 2023MY will reportedly provide up to 300 miles of range, if not even more.

However, we are waiting for the official announcement. We don’t know if Audi plans to improve its EV technology, or simply introduce larger battery packs. Still, Q2 is a small crossover so larger batteries are not so logical outcome. Faster charging is another rumor, although we don’t expect to see more horsepower and a higher level of torque.

2023 Audi Q2 E-Tron Release Date, Price

The price of the Audi Q2 E-Tron is not available at the moment. On the other hand, this small electric crossover will reportedly hit the dealerships in the third quarter of 2022. This model will go on sale in China and Europe, but we don’t know if Audi plans to launch Q2 crossover in the United States.

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