Top Five Electric SUVs for 2021

In the last couple of years, crossovers and SUVs have taken over the markets. Perfect vehicles for families and singles, younger and older population. Basically, models for everyone. In last year, the introduction of hybrids and EVs caused a huge splash in the automotive world. Thanks to that, gasoline and diesel engines are slowly decreasing in terms of popularity. 2021 will bring us a lot of excitement.

We are going to see a lot of new models, and we heard about some new automakers for the first time. Last year, 47.6 percent of all sold vehicles in the United States were crossovers and SUVs. This percentage is growing in 2019 as well. We expect the same to happen with all-electric vehicles and 2021 could be a real breakthrough. We made a list of the five most exciting models that will arrive as 2021 models. Let’s check it out.

Top 5 Electric SUVs for 2021

2021Rivian R1S

We are starting strong. The upcoming 2021 Rivian R1S is a model that still needs to make a debut. New all-electric SUV should arrive slightly after the R1T electric pickup truck. What is so special about this model? Well, Rivian caused a huge splash with its promises and astonishing performance and mileage figures. Ford invested in this startup manufacturer a lot of money, along with some other global brands. One of the unique things about Rivian is its “skateboard” platform. The same architecture should also underpin new Ford’s electric models. Moreover, R1S will arrive with a Level 3 autonomous driving and you can choose between 5-seat and 7-seat models.

Design-wise, this SUV isn’t futuristic as some other competitors. With 200.7-inches long, R1S is slightly smaller than Chevy Tahoe and it comes with a traditional blocky shape. The front fascia is extremely unique and it looks cartoonish. Rivian will also add a special edition model that will offer 14.3 inches of ground clearance. Inside the cabin, R1S will provide a high level of comfort and plenty of room for its passengers. The infotainment screen, dashboard and instrument cluster are looking incredibly modern. Still, the cabin could be too minimalistic for some customers, especially older ones. On the other hand, the interior is very luxurious and modern.

New Electric SUV will be an AWD model, and it will arrive with three different battery options. The customers can choose between a 105 kWh, 135 kWh and 180 kWh batteries. R1S will use four electric motors and it will provide 400 miles per charge. Here’s the best part. Rivian said that its new model will produce around 750 horsepower and 829 lb-ft of torque. Moreover, this SUV sprints from 0 to 60 mph in only three seconds and it can tow 8,000 pounds. If Rivian really delivers promised numbers, we have a winner. Even the starting price of 72,500 doesn’t look so expensive with such astonishing performances.

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2021 Rivian R1S design

2021 Tesla Model Y

Currently, Tesla is dominating every all-electric segment. The latest addition is the Cybertruck pickup that is slowly taking over the markets. But, what about all-electric SUV? The 2021 Tesla Model Y is one of the models that will compete against the mentioned Rivian R1S SUV. Elon Musk recently said that the Model Y would go on sale before the schedule. That means the electric crossover-SUV will be released in the first half of 2020. Yes, Model Y is months away or even weeks.

The forthcoming Model Y will be 184.4 inches long, and it will ride on a Model 3 architecture. The arriving SUV comes with a room for seven passengers. It looks very upscale, modern and innovative. On top of that, Model Y is a very safe vehicle and versatile as well. The interior is spacious and very luxurious. Moreover, the cabin is full of modern touches and this SUV comes with the glass roof. Furthermore, Tesla is offering unique storage, 15-inch display and much more.

The manufacturer did surprise us when it announced the price would be more affordable than the experts predicted. Indeed, the level of luxury and performances can make you think why the price isn’t higher. Anyway, a 75 kWh battery is offered as standard. On top of that, Tesla is promising around 400 horsepower and 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 3.5 seconds. As for the charging, a 250 kW charging rate will do the job perfectly. The price starts at $39,000 which seems to be really affordable. You can go for the Long Range dual-motor AWD version that costs around $50,000. The most expensive Model Y will be priced at over $60,000.

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2021 Tesla Model Y exterior

2021 Ford Mach-E

The brand-new 2021 Ford Mach-E has just made a debut, and we must put this SUV on the list. The presentations were awesome and it featured Idris Elba, unique Instagram promotion and much more. Mach-E is Ford’s first all-electric vehicle ever. And it caused a splash right away. Mach-E or Mustang Mach-E rides on the new EV platform and it will try to take advantage over its main rivals. How?

According to many experts, Mach-E will look regular, and that will make the customers buy this model instead of Tesla Model Y or Rivian R1S. Indeed, a lot of customers aren’t fans of new futuristic designs and for that reasons, Ford is opting for a more traditional appearance. Some things are borrowed from the Mustang model, but nothing significant. The 2021 Mach-E looks unique, upright and modern. We especially like the front fascia’s design that looks truly impressive.

Inside the cabin, Blue Oval is offering a 15.5-inch infotainment display. New SYNC3 infotainment system is available, along with the rotary know and premium B&O sound system. The cabin is quiet, and Ford promises a ride of the highest quality. Interestingly, but this crossover-SUV comes without head-up display. The interior is luxurious and spacious too. Blue Oval will use a “vegan interior” so you can forget about real leather and similar stuff.

As we expected, Ford Mach-E will be available in various performance and range levels. The ultimate goal is to deliver 300 miles of driving range. In its base version, this SUV will provide around 210 miles. A high-performance GT variant will deliver 235-mile range. As for the power, the base model equipped with an RWD setup generates 255 horsepower and 306 lb-ft of torque. Mach-E will need six seconds to reach 60 mph mark. On the other hand, GT Performance Edition will be rated at 460 hp and 612 lb-ft of torque. So if you want sportier design and great power, you should go for the GT version. The price of the regular Select model will start at $44,000. California Route 1 trim costs $52,000 and GT up to $60,000.

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2021 Ford Mach-E exterior design

2021 BMW iX3

We are moving to Europe for this one. The 2021 BMW iX3 is just one of the models that will German manufacturer release. Basically, every X-type SUV will get its all-electric vehicles. With that in mind, we can expect iX4, iX5….The important thing is that all of the new electric models will be based on BMW’s iNext Concept. We still don’t know all of the details about this model. However, BMW is known as one of the most established manufacturers in the world. Furthermore, iX3 SUV will also reach the American soil later next year.

BMW said this will be one of the most practical models ever made by the company. iX3 will look the same as its X3 sibling powered by a gasoline engine. The only difference is a closed grille that looks impressive. Generally, this SUV is one of the most stylish models you can find on the markets nowadays. The new one-piece grille will replace the iconic double kidney grille and the rest of the vehicle won’t be changed. The German manufacturer is known for its luxury cabins, so don’t expect anything less. As for the performances, iX3 will be a rear-wheel-drive SUV. Its electric motor/generator will provide around 285 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque.

BMW will deliver 270 miles of driving range thanks to its 74 kWh battery. Mercedes and Audi are also working on their EQA, EQC and E-Tron models so Europe will also offer a lot of competitive all-electric crossovers and SUVs. It will be interesting to see a new BMW iX3 in the United States as it could provide slightly different performance figures. The sale will start later in 2020 while the U.S. customers will have to wait additional month or two.

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2021 BMW iX3 rendering

2021 Fisker Ocean

The approaching 2021 Fisker Ocean completes our Top 5 list. It is another model that was recently introduced and caught a lot of attention instantly. Fisker calls its new model “the world’s most sustainable vehicle.” Made of recycled materials and with its vegan-interior, Ocean represents one of the most affordable all-electric options on the markets. The wait is almost over as Fisker plans to release the prototype on January 4th. Ocean SUV will look unique and futuristic. Even the interior is modern and Fisker guarantees great comfort and an enjoyable ride.

Ocean looks like a traditional SUV but it wears very modern and futuristic styling. The front fascia is taller and it features a flat design. Moreover, the LED headlight bar is placed below the hood. The front bumper is aggressive and lower roofline slopes down toward the rear part. The roof is a large solar panel that fills the battery on the sun. That is just one of the innovations Fisker did promise. On top of that, the manufacturer said the Ocean will significantly lower the carbon footprint. Unlike the frunk storage system in Tesla Model Y and Ford Mach-E, Fisker Ocean will deliver something different. This SUV will use the front-storage area for a highly-efficient air-conditioning system. Moreover, the interior room is more generous thanks to that.

The 2021 Ocean comes with an 80 kWh battery pack. Fisker said the Ocean would offer between 250 and 300 miles of driving range on a single charge. Each axle comes with a pair of motors which creates a sophisticated four-wheel-drive setup. We are waiting for the vehicle’s specs, which should happen in the next couple of days. Fisker promised better driving range and better acceleration than Tesla Model Y. Finally, the solar roof will provide around 1000 miles of clean driving. The price starts below $40,000 for the base trim level. This all-electric SUV will go on sale at the beginning of 2021.

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