2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Gets New Package

The upcoming 2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will happen after all. This SUV will get a new version, which is official after Mitsu presented the brand-new Aspire package. This package will improve the vehicle’s appearance. However, this model will not reach the American shores, unfortunately. In the US, Mitsubishi Outlander is the brand’s flagship model at the moment.

Still, Pajero and Pajero Sport models will continue to live in other parts of the world. Clearly, Mitsubishi will not discontinue the Pajero model, and it will provide serious refreshments instead. The Aspire package is just the beginning, as we expect to see a completely new model that is more modern and more competitive.

2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport redesign

Engine Specs

Under the hood, a 2.4-liter turbodiesel engine will be the primary powertrain option. This engine is capable of developing up to 180 horsepower and 315 lb-ft of torque. Most likely, an eight-speed automatic transmission will be available in the new 2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. When it comes to the Aspire variant, it also has a 4WD setup and Super Select modes for off-road driving. Drivers can select from the following options: sand, rock, gravel, and mud/snow.

Furthermore, the 2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport comes standard with a locking rear differential, which enhances the vehicle’s capabilities. Optional drivetrain configurations include a six-speed manual transmission and a more powerful 2.4-liter engine. In addition, a 3.0-liter petrol V6 engine will be available in a limited number of locations. This V6 unit will provide around 185 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque.

2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport specs

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Aspire Package

The current model is part of the second-gen Pajero. The Pajero Sport has introduced seven years ago, and it was updated in 2020. As a result, the current aesthetic will stay around for another year or two. Minor adjustments and enhancements can improve the SUV, but that won’t be enough. Therefore the 2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Aspire is in the works. The optional appearance package includes black elements such as roof rails, a more upright front grille, and larger 18-inch alloy wheels. In addition, the SUV now comes in two additional colors: Jet Black and Diamond White.

The interior will also get numerous improvements. For a start, a dark theme is present, along with numerous premium features. That includes dual-zone climate control, leather seats with lumbar support, and additional driver-assistance aids. The Pajero Sport Aspire will offer a standard 8-inch infotainment touchscreen. Furthermore, Mitsubishi will provide an upgraded sound system, additional USB ports, and much more.

2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Aspire

2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Release Date, Price

Reportedly, the new 2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will retain its current price. On the other hand, the all-new Pajero Sport Aspire model will cost around $45,000. Still, the range-topping trim levels will surely start at over $50,000. 

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