2022 Honda HR-V: Spy Photos, Redesign

The upcoming 2022 Honda HR-V has been spied for the first time. New model will introduce various upgrades, but most parts of the new model are a mystery at the moment. The HR-V is the brand’s oldest small crossover. The current generation is here since 2013 and the first-ever model was named “Vezel.” Despite the current generation is seven years old, HR-V still looks surprisingly modern and fresh.

It is a competent subcompact crossover that rivals younger models. We can’t tell if the 2022 HR-V will be the next-gen model. If that happens, we expect significant changes and upgrades. If not, another mid-cycle facelift will happen. Here’s everything we know about this small crossover.

2022 Honda HR-V spy shots

2022 HR-V Spy Shots

A new model has been spotted testing in Japan. The prototype of the 2022 Honda HR-V looks updated but most of the vehicle is wrapped in heavy camouflage. Various reports are saying this is the next-generation Honda HR-V. If this is really true, then we can expect drastic changes. Few details are visible and it seems like the new model is more angular.

Rounded corners are easy to spot, along with more aggressive headlights. The grille seems to be wider than before and the complete front fascia will follow Honda’s new design language. The complete shape is more coupe-like so this change clearly suggests the new generation. The rear part wears a rakish windshield and the roof looks flatter.

2022 Honda HR-V redesign

Interior Details

Right now, we don’t know what will happen with the interior of the 2022 Honda HR-V. This is a very modern and comfortable crossover. However, we can’t exactly say it is a luxury model and its price perfectly reflect that.

For its price, HR-V is more than an upright and modern crossover. We believe Honda will build on that and deliver more standard equipment and possibly a new infotainment system. However, we don’t know how drastic the changes on the inside will be.

2022 Honda HR-V interior

Hybrid Powertrain Provides Great MPG

 To this moment, the Japanese manufacturer didn’t say anything about the powertrain lineup. Most likely, the 2022 Honda HR-V will deploy a 1.5-liter gasoline engine in combination with the electric motor. Together, this hybrid system will produce around 150 horsepower. That is 10 hp more than the current HR-V has to offer. While HR-V probably won’t offer a turbocharged engine, this hybrid powertrain delivers more power and better fuel efficiency.

Whatsoever, the current HR-V delivers 31 mpg combined. For example, Honda Insight uses almost the same hybrid setup and it offers 52 mpg combined, which is astonishing. On the other hand, HR-V will probably get less than that, due to its ride height and additional weight.

2022 Honda HR-V Price and Release Date

The forthcoming 2022 Honda HR-V will hit the dealerships in the later stages of 2021. This small crossover will cost more than the outgoing model so its price will start at around $26,500. Interestingly, Honda registered the “ZR-V” name for the future. Some reports are saying the spied prototype could be the brand-new ZR-V variant.

However, HR-V makes more sense as the ZR-V variant won’t arrive before 2022. Honda will release more details in the coming weeks. Hopefully, the HR-V crossover will introduce the third-gen model with significant upgrades.

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